About Us

Infoworld Technologies Pvt. Ltd. started operations in 1990. Since then we have been using our rich & varied experience in designing, supply, configuration, integration, management and maintenance of IT Infrastructure and enterprise-wide solutions to many corporate clients.

Infoworld Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has completed more than 2 decades in existence spanning the entire era of computer generations. Having made a modest start in 1990, we have grown at a steady pace, having gained invaluable experience in Designing, Supply, Configuration, Integration and Maintenance of IT Infrastructure and Enterprise-wide solutions to hundreds of Corporate Clients in Pune. Today Infoworld Technologies is considered one of the few IT system integration companies which provides a “single vendor” advantage to our clients.

Business Objective:

  • 98% up time for all IT infrastructure
  • Consulting clients on latest technology and mapping to their business needs
  • Proactive in understanding needs and issues so that they are resolved at the earliest
  • Constant upgradation and training to ensure highly skilled and trained manpower
  • Faster Response and Resolution time